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  • What is the Elite Membership? How much it cost?
    Our Elite Membership is a custom personalized plan where you will get your own 24/7 fitness coach on top of access to unlimited classes that will guarantee you results. Our coaches will also help on nutrition, exercise tracking, and accountability to make sure you reach your target goals! The price greatly varies depending on your circumstances and fitness goals so be sure to contact with us to get started!
  • Is full body tracking required?
    The Mighty Gym can function with only headset and hand controllers. Full Body Tracking (FBT) is optional. Full Body Tracking does provide the benefit of our coaches can observe your form while exercising, so feel free to use them in The Mighty Gym if you have it!
  • My question isn't listed here? What do I do?
    You can join our Discord and open up a ticket where our staff is more than happy to help out or leave a message with the Mobile RC Console located at the bottom right of the website!
  • How do I join the gym?
    Pick from any of our memberships offered on our page below: Pick your desired pricing plan, fill in your details, and start scheduling classes or visit the link below!
  • Can I cancel / reschedule a Mighty Gym class that I signed up?
    Yes, you can reschedule and cancel classes anytime in our website and phone app.
  • Why does The Mighty Gym sign up ask for a name?
    A name is required for all payment processing by the gym. We never share your personal details with others and is only accessible by pertinent staff members for troubleshooting purposes.
  • How old do I have to be to join the gym?
    To attend Mighty Gym VR classes, all attendees must be 18 or older. The public 24/7 public world gym is available for all.
  • What equipment do I need in The Mighty Gym?
    VR headset (PC VR or standalone) and stable internet connection is required to join Mighty Gym classes. Water, towel, and appropriate footwear is needed during classes. If using a PC, please make sure your computer follows the minimum specs from VRChat to ensure a working experience.
  • The exercise tracking did not track my movement well during class.
    Try change into a humanoid avatar that is around 1 - 2 meters tall. Alternatively you can also use our publicly available avatars in The Mighty Gym. If you are OVR Space Drag or Playspace Mover apps, make sure you reset position before joining the class session.
  • My problem isn't listed here! What do I do?
    Join our discord server and open a support ticket. Our staff members will be happy to help! :)
  • I can't see or hear any of the videos in the gym.
    Make sure in your VRChat settings "Allow Untrusted URLs" is On. You can find this setting at Settings > Comfort & Safety > Safety > Allow Untrusted URLs
  • I paid for my membership but I don't have access to the E.G.G. Meditation Space
    It may take up to 24 Hours to get whitelisted to the E.G.G Meditation Space. Also make sure you have entered your VRChat username correctly (case sensitive). You can edit your VRChat username at your Member profile. If you still don't have access after 24 hours with the correct VRChat username, open a ticket in our discord.
  • I keep getting a "Out of Memory" Error on my standalone VR headset!
    We recommend the following: - Make sure you immediately go to the mighty gym when you launch VRChat - Homeworld is lightweight so it doesnt add extra memory usage at the start - Use an optimized avatar, use some of vrchat selection of avatars! - Clearing cache helps, and making sure no other apps are running in the background - Use some of the graphical settings available in world! Keep in mind these are just general advice that may or may not help. If the problem persists feel free to open a ticket with us or contact VRChat Support.
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