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The Mighty Gym Team

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Owner, Head Coach


It took 7 months to finally create what I think will be THE ultimate fitness experience for virtual reality. After searching for the best VR developers, by adventuring out into the VRChat universe itself- and multiple meetings where I rambled like a CRAZY person about my crazy ideas...I finally came across Mixie and Chatmans. They ran an incredible community for group dancing in VR (VRDancing) - and after setting one foot into their work I KNEW I had to work with them. The rest is soon to be history.


I hope everyone enjoys not just The Mighty Gym - but also what I think is the FUTURE of remote fitness.


I am so happy to have you along for the ride.


See you for class!

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Lead Programmer

Working on The Mighty Gym for the past years has been an amazing experience. It has been extremely rewarding to see how effective the gym is at motivating people to continue to exercise. By adding impressive visuals, fun story elements, tons of interactivity, exercise tracking and a scoring system people keep wanting to come back to explore more and to strive for better scores!


Developing the gym was a really exciting challenge, with over 10 unique locations and over 40 completely different workout tracking algorithms we need a solid back-end and tons of optimisation to make this all possible within one VRChat world. This project has truly helped me to deepen my understanding of the Unity engine and its incredible to see the entire team make very creative use of all the tools I provide to them.


See you in the gym!

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As someone that was never a part of the gym culture, his vision and goals are unique and captivating. Really hope everyone feels it when they come and visit it!

I've worked on the modeling and lighting of the gym itself. Trying to give it a unique, comfy and modern feel. Where hopefully people would hang out and socialize after the crazy experiences that the gym offers.

Being a software engineer in the "Real World" I'm pretty confident of the systems that were put in place for this. Mixie did a wonderful job into optimizing and maturing them to a satisfying state.

And coming from the VRChat community, Kugo was keen to learn it's codes and cultural norms. Lots of hours were spend on this to make sure the gym wouldn't clash hard with the culture that grew within this game. After all we want both people from the outside of VRChat and within to enjoy it!

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Hey there, Ayumi Here!

I truly believe that this gym is the future of fitness when it comes to Virtual Reality. Starting as a member and moving up to coaching classes has truly been such an amazing experience to be a part of! Seeing this gym and community grow over the past year has been heartwarming. I hope to continue to bring my creative touch to my classes and the gym as well as help others to fall in love with the fun of fitness.

Stay Fishy and Mighty!

Hope to see you soon in Class!

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I've been coaching in VR for over a year now and I've always had a passion for showing people they're far stronger than they believe.

In the Mighty Gym I saw an opportunity to learn from my colleagues and challenge myself to bring the same energy in different ways. Loved the chance to increase the amount of people I can reach and motivate.

Can't wait to have you on my classes.
Let's get some!

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Backend Dev

I am just a nerd that does IT and play video games as a hobby. If you tell me 2 years ago that I will be working out regularly in a Virtual Reality Gym that produce real results, I will say you are insane! I am glad I was wrong!

Discovering the Mighty Gym is one of the luckiest moments and participate in it is one of the best decisions I ever done in my life. Not only going to the Mighty Gym has helped me to be more fit and healthier, the coaches and community has been extremely welcoming and friendly it makes the entire workout experience fun and energetic!


After months in the Mighty Gym, I help out with the backend tech of the Mighty Gym to further improve the gym with additional features and just make the overall experience even more enjoyable for everyone!

I will see you all in the Mighty Gym. STAY MIGHTY!



Community Staff

My name is Gawain, one of the Mighty Gym's community staff members. I assist with any questions people have regarding the gym, as well as organizing events for the community!


I have been with the gym for nearly a year now, and it's had a massive improvement on me, and I contribute a lot of it to the wonderful community we have. I look forward to seeing you in the Gym!



Community Staff

Hi there! I'm Beany, a community manager here in the Mighty Gym. I organize our monthly community events and help out answering any questions folks may have.


This Gym was the main reason I got into VR, and it's been a huge boost for my mental and physical health. We've got one of the best communities out there and it's getting better every day!

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