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Looking forward to seeing you at the gym!

Here's everything you need to get prepared for your first session!

Make sure you are signed up

Make sure you have booked for one of our fitness classes and have signed up for your correct time slot. All booked sessions can be viewed on your profile under "My Classes"


Join the Group

Join the VRChat Group so that you can jump in on our Groups Instances

Join the Discord

Join the Discord to keep up to date on when the Group Instance opens, ask questions, and meet other members.

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Have these ready to go before class:

A VR Headset and VRChat installed and ready to go.

Plenty of water handy as you will need it through the workout.

A Towel handy to wipe off yourself and your headset between exercises.

Enough cleared space to do exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, lunges, etc.

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Common Questions:

What time does the gym instance go up?

Instances for The Mighty Gym go up 5-10 minutes before class start, you can see exactly with our Discord Notifications.

How long do I have until the class starts?

Class doesn't begin until 10 minutes after the hour to allow for troubleshooting and introductory needs.

I crashed out of the experience, what do I do?

Jump right back on in! Navigate your way back down to the elevator and click on Fit Factory to join back in.

My question is not listed here.

Reach out to us on our Discord and open up a support ticket to get in touch with one of our Mighty Staff members. We are more than happy to help!

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